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NSW Waratahs
British Lions

17 vs 47

June 15, 2013 10:30 AM - Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney

NSW Waratahs 17 British Lions 47

NSW Waratahs

Tries: Carter 2  Cons: McKibbin 2  Pens: McKibb

British Lions

Tries: Sexton, Halfpenny 2, Croft, Davies 

Cons: Halfpenny 4, Farrell 
Pens: Halfpenny 4


Sexton kicks the game off and for the first time in about a decade the Waratahs are playing to a full house of around 40,000. (The stadium sold out early in the week)

Two minutes in and the Lions take possession. The ball works its way out to the left wing and into the reliable hands of Zebo. Roberts decoys and Zebo floors it down the line. He jumps for the line but Mitchell gets there just in time and ensures that Zebo goes out of touch rather than scoring the game's first try. It was a close call though.

Not a moment later and the Waratahs give away a penalty. Halfpenny steps up, takes a breath and does his thing. Great start this from the Lions.

Waratahs 0-3 Lions

The Lions machine is looking powerful but the Waratahs are keeping their lines clear even under the pressure. The Lions counterattack down the left and thanks to some nice running from Davies and Zebo, it sets Sexton free for the game's first try. Halfpenny converts.

Waratahs 0-10 Lions (Sexton)

The home side pick up and break down the right and score in the corner! McKibbin converts with a kick from the line.

Waratahs 5-10 Lions (Carter)

Zebo is everywhere as the Lions counterattack and look to respond to that try. The Lions get a penalty for offside right in front of the posts and Halfpenny decides to kick for the posts. He kicks it through the posts with ease.

Twenty minutes in and The Waratahs have really come into the game a lot more since that try and are now forcing their way towards the Lions. Waratahs get a penalty and Foley goes for the corner. A quick lineout almost catches the Lions unaware as Skelton crashes over the line but loses it at the last moment. That was a bit too close for comfort.

Waratahs 7-13 Lions

A penalty for the Lions – given for a shoving on Phillips off the ball – from quite a way out, is slotted over, again, with such ease from Halfpenny.

Waratahs 7-16 Lions

Zebo is playing beautifully but Youngs gives away a penalty. The Waratahs decide to kick for the posts from a fair way out. McKibbin sizes it up and he does not miss.

Waratahs 10-16 Lions

The Waratahs break down the right after Mitchell's one-handed offload puts Crawford into some serious space. Crawford pegs it for the posts but Halfpenny sticks in a stonker of a tackle and the home side are forced to go left and then right and then left and then right. The move eventually breaks down and the Lions have possession once again.

The Lions still have possession as they power their way to the Waratahs' line. They move the ball from near the line on the right, through some nice handling by O'Connell, Sexton and Davies, out to the left and Halfpenny crashes over in some space. The same man kicks the conversion.

Waratahs 10-23 Lions (Halfpenny)

Half time! Waratahs 10-23 Lions

The Waratahs get going straight away making some room down the right. They switch sides but are adjudged to block and the Lions are awarded a penalty.

Sexton, Roberts and Davies combine down on the right and put Halfpenny away for his second try of the game. Halfpenny does not miss the conversion.

Waratahs 10-30 Lions (Halfpenny)

The Waratahs immediately run their way back into the Lions half. Down in the corner Skelton pop passes to Carter who goes over the line. But the man in charge is not sure and so the decision goes to the TMO. But he is happy enough that all was in order and that there was no knock-on and so Carter has his second try of the game. McKibbin converts.

Waratahs 17-30 Lions (Carter)

A beautiful interception from Davis bisects the Waratahs defence. There is a hint of offside but he runs for it anyway but he is soon taken down and the ball is worked to the right. There Croft hands off Kingston (just on as a sub) puts his foot down and makes it to the line on time. Halfpenny keeps on kicking beautifully.

Waratahs 17-40 (Croft)

Crawford and the Waratahs break down the right but fumble the ball just a moment or two from the line. No matter as they had a penalty anyway. They kick for the corner but the Lions clear the lines.

Roberts limps off with some hamstring trouble. It does not look good for him and he grimaces some under the attention of the physio.

Another try and again all too easy for the Lions. Farrell breaks forward, is tackled and offloads. At the breakdown, the Lions are given too much time and space and the ball is spun out to Davies who jogs over the line. Farrell does the rest.

Waratahs 17-47 (Davies)

Fulltime Waratahs 17-47

Fantastic play from the Lions today. They are in good heart as they head towards the first Test in Brisbane next Saturday, but Sadly, the tourists may be stopped in their tracks as many of the big players are out due to injury.

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British Lions


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